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H & J LIQUIDATORS - AN ONLINE WHOLESALE, LIQUIDATION, CLOSEOUTS & GENERAL MERCHANDISE STORE. We specialize in dollar store merchandise. New merchandise always available. For 30 years, we have met the product demands of hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients thanks to our unbelievable low prices and unique capabilities of offering products by the case rather than by the pallet. www.hjcloseouts.com . Call: 800-875-7717
H & J LIQUIDATORS - Call: 800-875-7717
I.M.G. INTERNATIONAL - Exclusive distributor of music on Gusto Records, King Records, Starday Records, Scepter/Wand, and many others. Variety of musical instruments and accessories, large DVD inventory. Email: sales@kingrecords.com. Call: 615-889-8000
I.M.G. Inc. - Call: 615-889-8000
THE MUSIC CONNECTION - Special Deal - Jonas Brothers "Rockin' the House" DVD's. Case of 30...Special Closeout $15 and FREE shipping to U.S. addresses. In business since 1980. We carry music CD's at wholesale prices. Low minimum order of only 50 pieces required. Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, Rock and Comedy. Call 270-828-3770 or visit www.themusicconnection.biz
THE MUSIC CONNECTION - Call: 270-828-3770
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